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Finally, the results displayed on other training courses was close to 90% of the people there is the loss of the general phenomenon of communicating information, 75% of the people there are important phenomena of communication and information loss, 35% of the listeners and that between the right there are serious differences between communication of information, such as: which one would like to say is "Marriage is the need to run", and other academics can become a "force in the marriage need not be themselves", which is a communication of information on the complete misinterpreted. Effective listening can be acquired through learning skills. Listen to understand their own behavior will help you become a highly efficient listener. Thomas, a famous American psychologist. Gordon found that, in accordance with the efficiency of the behavioral characteristics of listening, listening can be divided into three levels. A person from a level of a three-level process of the listener, is its ability to communicate and exchange the process of increasing efficiency.
"I am a master of playing time difference." Truck build a new way to describe myself. His evaluation of a media is: He is a good practice from a simple market realize the true meaning of learning resources. By build a new car is the study summed up his success he said: "Apart from hard work and honesty, I rely on is learning." And so he did. In 1986, he clocked the first job after a combination of furniture, wood ran a factory in Changzhou to learn the style and workmanship. After suffering three years of the venture that he completed the primitive accumulation of capital, but also made him realize such a truth: In a market economy, commodity largest profit margins or in the circulation links. Like a department store with the furniture as Changzhou city build a new car becomes the next target.

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