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Chuck Schumer Members also attended the hearing, but only participated in 5 minutes, he said that he and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been in contact in private, he had asked Google after the acquisition of DoubleClick to better protect user privacy. Left the hearing at the scene, he said he was pleased to receive a letter from Schmidt, Schmidt shows Google is committed to protecting user privacy program. AMD Consumer Joe Menard, vice president of Samsung Electronics executives in San Jose said in an interview on the summit: "In the future there will be the living room PC, but looks like a PC." He said that such PC may come out next year. Previously, other manufacturers have tried to launch a dedicated living room PC, such as Gateway and Compaq. The latter introduced in the late 1990s, this PC, hoping to promote the link with the PCs large projection TV. But because of high prices, low sales.
Relying on Bell Labs innovation strength, adhering to the "in China, and China, for China" has always been committed, Lucent in the past ten years, with the Chinese government, telecommunications operators and partners a wide range of cooperation, the Chinese telecommunications development of the cause to make a positive contribution. Its business scope from simple sales to today in production, research and development, sales and service for integrated operations. China is no longer just an important market for Lucent, Lucent Lucent China has become an important base for global business development, for Lucent to provide strategic support for global operations. In 2003, Lucents largest joint venture in China celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Daqing Qingdao Lucent, Lucent Technologies China is the localization process has marked a new level. In 2004, SMEs continue to be the center of the battlefield ERP industry around the market, competition is intense, the ERP vendors have resorted to every means to emerging market strategy. With products and markets mature, ERP vendors have been the focus of competition from the Battle of products and prices turned the channel expansion. So, in this competition, what kind of channel strategy to winning the market? ERP vendors and channel businesses how to achieve win-win cooperation?

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