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Part No. : R6633-13
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This competition requires that all participants of the designs are "based on IBM Power PC embedded processor cores and CoreConnect bus architecture of the SoC platform," choice in the consumer electronics, communications, networking, industrial control, automotive electronics, medical facilities, etc. the field of innovative and practical design. To help each participant better finish, IBM Global Engineering Solutions, the participants also recommended the two directions, namely: IBM PowerPC-based embedded processor cores and CoreConnect bus architecture and dedicated co-processor design based on IBM PowerPC embedded platform for the application of complex calculations or control system design.
Address and port pair with multiple internal address mapped to relatively few external addresses. This is the so-called PAT. And the same internal address translation, NAT router is also responsible for the internal IP address lookup and translation, the only difference is the use of overloading, router will re-use the same internal global IP address, and store enough information to distinguish between it and other address, so check out the extended entry. NAT router and external communications with the host translated inside global address, so there is no difference with the normal communication, router to an internal host communication, the same NAT table to check.

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