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As of 2009, according to CNNIC statistics of Chinese Internet users reached 316 million, while the largest online consumer brands - Taobao number of users exceeded 200 million people. These figures demonstrate, and now more and more people started to accept online shopping, online spending. But compared to Chinas 1.3 billion population, the number of Internet users and small. In the remaining nearly 10 billion people, also has a large number of people want to buy cheap goods, but most of them are the traditional newspaper audience, and they will be reported after the benefit of the first network cooperation group of people.
Comrades, development and expansion of Chinas telecommunications industry has experienced several generations of hard work. In the new century, we must advance with the times, and further deepen the reform, so that the industry fresh with new vigor and vitality. Let us, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core of leadership, solidarity, work hard, meet challenges and competition at home and abroad to achieve a new leap forward for Chinas reform and opening up and modernization drive and make greater contribution! Thank you. ZDNet China 5 Yue 16 Ri Zhuangao Kyoto today, a new source of new telecommunication Hotel 4th floor of the inaugural meeting of the warm atmosphere Netcom, but also because many Ministry of Information Industry leaders at the conference venue, the door tight security, many media outlets have been limited, Hunan TV and Bloomberg news even after a lot is also able to enter negotiations. Into the same warm atmosphere of the venue, but security is more strict, the reporter in an information request to the staff, the scrutiny by security personnel.

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