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Part No. : PSB4501T
Description : CONDUIT PLIABLE 32MMX10M
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Xiang X2000 in the new super-cooling and management on the innovative design, the whole of the current industry-leading use of BTX architecture, adding contractors thermal stability of the unique integrated design, able to dynamically adjust the computer cooling, noise and long life energy saving , thermal simulation, thermal design was further optimized, smooth air flow can effectively improve the air flow cooling, to ensure system stability and operation. Square design using the same thermal solution, in normal operation, the noise of 30 dB can be controlled effectively to create a harmonious, quiet office environment.
Second, different VLAN groups can be divided, so Internet cafes can be customer champion Fujin divided into different areas, such as the play area, chat area, video area, VIP area and so on, each other without interference, easy to enjoy a better quality targeted services. And the failure of a district or a virus interferes, it will not affect other areas, management and troubleshooting is also more convenient. Third, the solution can set ACL access control list, it can make for BT download or use of special server to allow or deny, the effective allocation of resources, strengthen management, to save bandwidth. Finally, the program also can identify the VoIP traffic to protect the higher priority service levels, making the Internet cafe users to voice chat will not appear when the data delay, packet loss phenomenon, making the voice chat is no longer dropped calls, voice effects are better, more clearly.

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