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Part No. : PSB4500P
Description : CONDUIT PLIABLE 32MMX10M
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Please indicate the candidate network equipment channel editor, and enter the Mail resume content, do not use attachments. Thank you. Battery Co., Ltd. Bank of the "Deer" brand was recognized as "China Famous Brand", which is the "Deer" Following won the "National Inspection-free Product" and "Chinese famous brand" after the title, once again received national praise. This means, "Deer" brand will be after the general trademark protection does not have cross-class interests, that is not the same goods in the area of counterfeiting encountered in trademark, registered the case, Deer can be protected by law. As Rockets owner of the trademark, Bank Battery Co., Ltd., adhere to science and technology innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises, is the Rockets gain the important reasons for Chinas well-known trademarks. The company is the first in the use of advanced environmental technology in battery production. Two years ago, mercury, cadmium and lead pollution elements, with a high-pressure section of the discharge time is long, leak-proof performance and other characteristics of the new "Green Battery" LR6 digital King, the Bank of the battery company has come under the guidance of innovative ideas and quickly became a leader in digital battery brand. In fact, technological innovation has been a tireless pursuit of the Bank of the battery, as early as October 1999, the company the full realization of mercury-free alkaline manganese battery production, and become a pioneer in the battery industry green; in 2002 the company also adopted the International well-known certification body - Det Norske Veritas of the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification audit. In addition, the "Deer" mercury-free alkaline battery has twice the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine named as "China Famous Brand." Especially in the last year, the Bank of mercury-free alkaline batteries LR6 batteries exported by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Recently, Digital ERP side is also good news came, following the signing Mountain Steel Group, after successfully re-signed Digital ERP another well-known enterprises of Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd.. This collaboration, Digital ERP will be the first in Shandong Weida Machinery used in finance, sales and production, and other key business areas, to build from the foundation of the work platform and information sharing platform for businesses to provide real-time data management, decision support and guide the enterprises operation.
At this point will produce 3c990.o driver modules. Then use the command to copy the appropriate place and then see whether the normal load. If unfortunately, you are using a number of rare cards, or the Linux kernel support for the network card is not enough, so that when you install Linux, and can not detect the card, then do not worry, we can use the simpler core module compiled to support this card. Heres the author of the 3Com 3CR990-TX-97 card as an example to see how the module is compiled. First http://www.3com.com/infodeli/tools/nic/linuxdownload.htm on its Web site to download the appropriate kernel version youre using the relevant drivers to the 2.4 kernel as an example here.

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