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PSB4500 Datasheet | Siemens Semiconductor Group
Part No. : PSB4500
Description : Standard Speech Circuit
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Page Number : 34
Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group
File Size : 1207 Kb

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In fact, this network card device failed because the computer system will follow with sleep, "sleep" and caused the original by default, when the computer system is in sleep, "sleep" state, corresponding to the system will follow the card device the temporary closure of the power itself, so as to achieve the purpose of saving system power, as the one established by the Internet connection card devices LAN devices due to power outages and automatically disconnect; However, when we wake up in sleep, "sleep" state of the local computer system, the card device can not follow the system with the "wake up", this time through the network card device to create the Internet connection of course, still does not work, it is clear card device "sleep" event is easy to delay the event. Internet access in order to effectively avoid the failures can not be happening again, we should think of ways to keep the system with the LAN equipment to follow the "sleep", after all LAN equipment will not spend much time working power, the following is not to LAN equipment, "sleep," the concrete operation steps:

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