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Part No. : PSB2197TV1.1
Description : CONDUIT PLIABLE 32MMX10M
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File Size : 65 Kb

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Front as compared to G3, K3 brought in games, movies, BT download twice the performance and other aspects. The designs in the K3, Alpha gamers using optimized for online games GAMEFORCE intelligent optimization technology. GAMEFORCE technology can dynamically intelligent way the game to the highest priority packet transmission, greatly reducing the delay of the game and led the game due to termination of network communication response phenomenon. While taking into account the needs of the users chat, K3 will automatically give priority to the bandwidth available to the MSN, QQ, SKYPE video / voice transmission. BT download it to meet the user needs to provide a multi-user P2P download optimization techniques, can be quickly Chen, compression and decompression technology to enhance the entire network of internal and external data transmission quality. New 11N Wireless Router LINKSYS WRT150N WRT150N in the colors follows the LINKSYS consistent style, size is very compact, this lightweight wireless router, and a better texture and exquisite workmanship. New 11N Wireless Router LINKSYS WRT150N WRT150N has two standard antenna, the antenna is located in the rear fuselage. Configuration in the back is a common fuselage ports: one WAN port, four LAN ports, a power jack, and a pinhole reset button. Several positive side of the router lights marked with the location and the corresponding rear ports.

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