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Part No. : PSB2186H
Description : ?ISDN Subscriber Access Controller for Terminals?
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Things commanding heights of the third industry is standardization. China, the absence of 1G, 2G communications, the core is not grasp the core standards. As the network of things involved in multi-level and wide application, sensing layer, network layer, application layer have standardization. TD has independent intellectual property rights of technology to Chinas telecommunications industry for the first time standing on the pinnacle of world communications, and TD technology, commercial breakthrough for the state of things has laid a solid technical foundation; the same time, the development of things is also a TD Technology Evolution of the major success of the follow-up opportunity, TD and the integration of things will be the future trend of things.
Sun is not a hardware company, but the system companies. In fact, Sun has continued in recent years to strengthen its software business, but Oracle decided to buy, it is a fancy Suns Solaris and Java. Therefore, the deal is in fact not the software company bought the hardware company. Looking at the current system industry, the market landscape has been redrawn and become large, highly integrated company of the world. In fact, the old computer hardware and software companies are also arranged, but the business model was being replaced by the parallel model of industrial structure, which is the most famous representatives of Microsoft and Intel. Oracle has been trying to break the pattern before the introduction of Linux and virtualization of internal development is started, the Oracle acquisition of Sun to a higher level of vertical integration. Careful analysis of the Oracle said in a press conference "to Oracles database and Solaris some unique features tight integration of high-end"; "provide for the first time all from application to integrate the full disk integrated computer system"; and to provide "integration machine the entire industry in a complete solution. "

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