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Part No. : PSB21525HV2.1
Description : CONDUIT PLIABLE 32MMX10M
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Booming business in the financial industry at the same time, financial data center applications are also entered a new period of change. Decentralized data from the initial consolidation will be concentrated to the latter part of the multi-business integration, business process reengineering, financial companies are generally around business development, ongoing data center. So far, the financial sector has basically taken shape data centralization, more attention the concern of financial enterprises, are increasingly focused on the new generation of financial data center building. As the bearer of the important financial business IT infrastructure, financial data center operations and undertake the important task of business innovation. Especially in the current environment, the need for financial data centers to better meet the business requirements of proposed development, specifically, in the construction of a new generation of financial data center, the users concerns focused on four aspects.

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