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Part No. : PSB2132HV1.4
Description : CONDUIT PLIABLE 32MMX10M
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Network construction and optimization of the entire 10 by the end of the work plan will be completed will be able to launch technology-based TDS-CDMA 3G services. Among them, China Mobile in each city will establish an integrated camp system as one of the core business systems to handle heavy data traffic. To this end, China Mobile, the devices of the system of open bidding, the purpose is to elect strong in the strong, to ensure the smooth implementation of the 3G project for the Olympics to provide communications technical support. Array Networks Array TMX finally optimized high reliability and availability of products emerged as the project system suppliers.
In the individual training needs survey is completed, a very important point is to hold the training needs of the department of communication session. In the Op lighting, we require that the communication session of each department must have a training department of the participants, the process of communication is the first head of the department of communication to all employees of the department next year, the primary objectives and focus of the work, then each employees based on individual needs questionnaire about the specific needs of individuals next year, and finally by the department head with the annual work objectives and individual employees training needs analysis, to extract the next year, the training needs of the entire department.

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