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Part No. : PSB2110N
Description : CONDUIT PLIABLE 32MMX10M
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Access control module in the USG, there are several involving a single point of entry control and security features, namely, the process of blacklisting, the terminal reinforcement, domain rules, registry protection, and peripheral management. Peripheral management is a very useful feature, you can almost all be able to interact with external components for data limitations prevent information leakage or unsafe to enter the network. The process of blacklisting this function, then the realization of a comprehensive behavior management are very helpful. As the saying goes, sub-weak, and cooperation is strong, and a single means of prevention and control difficult to achieve perfect results. To block P2P applications, for example, in the access control to the process name into the blacklist, Nanzu renamed the plug or the modified version of the client; alone USG management in Internet behavior, they can not shield a new version of protocol changes. Combination of gateway and end only to ways to achieve the best prevention and control results.
D - Callout Program: E - Bps / par / Bits: 9600 8N1 F - Hardware Flow Control: YES G - Software Flow Control: NO Change with setting? The option to set the value of A / dev/ttyS0 serial port that is 1. In order to use the setup process, such as the need to modify the value of option A, in the Change with setting? Option A, the cursor moved to the input option A, you can modify the value of A options. 3. Modem and dialing settings to use the direction of the arrow selected modem and dialing options, then modify the modem and dialing options in the configuration item. A - initing string ... ...: B - Reset string ... ...: K - Hang-up string ... ... three configuration items. Select Save as df1 option the modified configuration information is saved as the default configuration options.

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