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PS9601 Article About

Management of the network equipment and backbone switches have their own characteristics. Backbone switches are always in the operator network equipment side, the large number of access layer devices, maintaining a huge amount of work, there is an urgent need for devices able to provide unified management and maintenance tools. General support for the backbone switch cluster management protocol. As cluster management through a management IP to maintain a large number of network devices, topology discovery and can provide equipment, equipment failure and link failure alarm, equipment, uniform configuration and other means to facilitate the network maintenance, which has become the primary network device management means.
In addition, the dawn of the day wide A620r-F server matching the dawn of the latest design of the hardware monitoring and management system, independent of hardware fault detection system, self-made boot prompt to the user redundant parts, from the fundamental guarantee for the seismological bureau data network platform system reliability. Hunan Provincial Seismological Bureau to build the dawn of the companys information technology platform has been running smoothly, and to assume the task of seismic monitoring, the country has begun to monitor the success of information sharing platform to provide data services, including the earthquake news releases, multimedia features such as video delivery service and the industry for off-site data sharing and technical personnel to provide observation, seismic data storage, seismic data and other information query remote information services. The dawn of the company building the platform has a forward-looking and forward-thinking, not only to ensure that the system in the longer term, high-performance and stability, has good scalability and upgradeability, the system can successfully implement a new generation to be more equipment, technology platform, smooth upgrade, the entire information technology system with the development and progress of science and technology, constantly enrich and improve, improve and improve, and fully meet the Hunan Provincial Seismological Bureau in the future growth needs.

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