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Part No. : PI5C16862CB
Description : Bus Switch
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Recently, Epson announced a number of innovative technologies used in the end education projector EMP-822, caused no small vibration market. As a leader in the education market, Epson released several markets each year selling products. And for the "Epson intensive education on how to market leadership," this issue, Deputy General Manager of Epson Mean Lin said, "In terms of products, we will further enrich its product line, for the education market, we will further under actual needs of users, the introduction of more products that meet the actual needs of users, before EMP-6100/821 is a good example. On the other hand, from the market and talk about the education market is still the backbone of Epsons market. While the current education sector procurement has become more concentrated, but also for the manufacturers presented a higher demand, in fact, it will also help to further regulate the industry. At the same time, we note that in some economically less developed regions, education, Application of the projector wide enough. In 2007, this part of the education market will be our key markets, and this is our deep plowing education at the heart. "
BNC interface, this interface is currently the type of card has been rare, mainly due to the use of thin coaxial cable as a transmission medium of network and networking problems for many less relevant. 8-pin RJ-45 cable, and telephone line interface is a 4-core, and usually only take 2 cables; but we can look at, in fact, 10M RJ-45 jack card used only 1,2,3, 6 IV needle, and 100M or 1000M card is eight needles are full, and this difference between 10M and 100M card is a way. Speaking of cards, on the way to talk about with twisted pair LAN connection. Twisted pair, is composed of many in an insulating jacket on the line in the composition of the data transmission lines, it is characterized by cheap, and now the cards are mostly used as a transmission twisted-pair cable. Twisted-pair networks are generally used for Star wiring connections, RJ-45 installed at both ends, connection cards and hubs, the maximum cable length of 100 meters.

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