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Part No. : PEF22810T
Description : ?VDSL Line Driver?
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Hope that the network reproduced the related media coverage, but also from the care perspective of the brand image of Digital China, delete the contents reproduced the relevant reports, and to help clarify statements in this release to minimize or eliminate the negative impact of so reported. | | | | Sony China Professional Solutions Group in Beijing issued a Sony PCS-XG55 HD videoconferencing system. The video conferencing system with excellent HD video quality, it is after nearly two years after Sony showed the video conferencing users of another effort to make. Continuation of the new Sony "IPELA" series of video conference system has always been simple, smooth industrial design, stylish, compact but has powerful features. With the compact, stylish design, PCS-XG55 can be neatly installed in the board room, all kinds of small and medium sized conference rooms, and even the classroom. New high-definition includes the PCS-XG55S decoder unit, PCSA-CXG80 HD camera unit, PCS-A1 Microphone and the PCS-RF1 infrared remote control. With 720P high-definition resolution, and 60 fields / s high frame rate, able to present users with an extremely vivid live video images and face to face talks with the natural feel. New also has backward compatibility, that can compete with Sonys video conferencing products compatible, but also to provide users with a variety of unique properties.
Used as a operating system Windows Mobile 6.0 phone QIGI i55 PPC also uses the traditional big-screen candybar phone design, 117 * 61 * 16.4mm body, very fit men feel, the overall shape aspects of business atmosphere rather , body side of the candy bar design with classic silver and black color scheme. QIGI i55 uses a 2.8-inch 240 320 pixel resolution of the large handwritten touch screen, users can stylus to enter text. Shows the actual results from the point of view, it is relatively true colors and delicate, natural transition; the sensitivity of the touch screen from the point of view, the reaction rate during the operation or the hand quickly, the accuracy is relatively high.

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