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Into these tasks, as much overhead, so the slow transmission speed. UDP-it is a non-connection transmission protocol for sending data to the destination 2.3 Note that the default security policy to allow UDP packets from a high security level to a low-security section of bracket. cisco pix firewall approach to dealing with the following UDP traffic: 2.3.1 Source and start UDP connections, Cisco pix firewall to receive the connection, and it is routed to the destination. Pix application of default rules, and any necessary conversion, created in the state table 2.3.2 any return flow to match the object and painting, and the application session timeout, the default session timeout is 2 minutes. If the response does not match the session object, or timeout, packet will be dropped, if all match, it will allow the response signal sent to the 2.3.3 source to send a request from a low security level of any segment to segment a high level of security inbound UDP sessions must be allowed by the security policy, or disconnected. \ \

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