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FTCs Marketing Practices Division, said Eileen Harrington, deputy director, only one person actually send out junk mail were charged because they hired others are held liable. She told a news conference: "not only legally responsible for the button to send the spam people." A year ago, the United States anti-spam law formulated, the junk mail and other forms of pornographic spam, accounting for about 55% of all e-mail, but has jumped to 85%. Harrington said the defendant, the message contains obscene content, and not properly marked, labeled the information is not advertising, and offers consumers ways to stop receiving such letters. These acts are all violations of anti-spam law. She said: "Some information is free to use its Web site falsely claimed, violated the law of commercial fraud."
The products price from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 range, the specific price depends on the share or the number of virtual objects. Landberg OTC market is expected to average at between $ 25,000 to $ 50,000. He said that 500 NAS users, a company needs to pay the costs roughly $ 10,000, spent $ 100,000 can buy an unlimited license configuration. He said, "Our sweet spot is that there is only one data center, and only one IT sector companies." He estimated that about 500,000 companies are to meet this standard. These types of product market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. F5 Corporation and ONStor Inc. Company recently launched a file virtualization product, EMC Corporation and Brocade has also launched a similar high-end products, companies and MigratePro SecureCopy companies toward the low end. All of these actions because of the explosive growth of unstructured file data, particularly in the mid-market Windows file rapid growth.

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