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] outlets ratio: refers to the distributors have to be selected terminal outlets located in its regional market share of all targets, some proportion of the terminal network. This can be seen to be selected channel distributors to expand capacity and control. Increased competition in the external environment is a factor. But other than that, a major internal factor is the CEO and chairman of the board changes in two positions from the previous one into the present separation. A company CEO and chairman positions in one of the conditions, the firms strategic decision-making power and performance goal setting of the CEO is controllable. Two posts in separate cases, the CEO is, they is not controlled by. Because the CEOs role now is mainly the implementation of the strategy, rather than policy-makers, decision-making role of the chairman. Chairman on behalf of the interests of shareholders are often the pursuit of higher performance goals, so must the actual implementation with the CEOs ability to produce the gap. Not meet performance targets in the case, CEO had to bear as the executor of the consequences of failure, leave the matter.
Concentro uses DC power, which is one of Rackables energy-saving measures. The Mozilla Foundations director of security affairs, said Window Snyder, the disclosure of security flaws, the software maker has been complete control of security researchers. The software industry has been promoting the development of vulnerability disclosure. Snyder ShmooCon hacker conference in a discussion at the meeting said that these "responsible disclosure" efforts have had some effect, but security researchers maintain control over the process. Snyder said that all the security researchers have the final say, they control the disclosure of the time, they control the release of manufacturers have enough time. Releasing vulnerability details has been a hot topic. Software industry to promote disclosure of a secret, waiting for vendor patch is publicly detailed information after they called "responsible disclosure." Released details of flaws in advance will help criminals to attack and undermine the reputation of manufacturers. Snyder said that manufacturers have a duty to inform them of the defect to make timely response.

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