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The "seamless" effect of the implementation, but also with an industry leading "edge of fusion technology." With this edge blending technology, the Epson EB-G5300 2 groups machine overlay project for the edge of the screen projected integration of computation, thus demonstrating a no gap, more bright, large, high-resolution total picture, and showed The latest results from the screen like a projector projecting the image quality. It is worth mentioning that the main function of the edge of fusion technology is the four group 2 EB-G5300 overlap of the light levels gradually reduced, the full picture in order to ensure consistent brightness and increase the resolution, the final formation level powerful and expressive sense of the "big picture." And this mosaic of the "big picture" to increase the image size in the same time, also ensure the integrity and color consistency of the screen, and presented to the participants for more images, text, images, and other visual content. In this display scheme, the signal used in all digital transmission, whether it is part of the controller and the distributor, or connecting the projector, HDMI, did not use any analog signals. Makes clear and stable picture of the whole show. As a still image reproduced on the picture.
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