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Trend Micro said that the black sites visited by users, will be re-directed to a Trojan horse program will automatically download site, because the process is running in the background, users will be unknown circumstances, a trojaned programs. Trend Micro Taiwans technical adviser, said Jane Choi wins, similar to writing a web application vulnerability using the invasion, and then rewritten, or implant malicious programs, methods of attack, the second half of last year, was very popular in Taiwan, but most cases are sporadic, but the outbreak of the great European the scale of the attacks is still rare. In the "PC World" its WorldBench performance test, E6700 is far more than AMDs FX-62, Core 2 Extreme FX-62 with the gap between the greater. According to PCMag.com said, has been firmly supported the Athlon 64 chips, they will have to rethink their attitude.
Microsoft also demonstrated for the first time the next generation of domestic users to pay-TV IPTV solution. This is the end of the television set of solutions, a collection of Microsofts innovative technology and broadband industry characteristics, the best use of the value of the network, greatly supported the broadband business model business operators to provide users with a new TV experience. In addition to these services based on the background of the field of telecommunications solutions, in this communication show, Microsoft and its partners, HTC, Lenovo, Mitac, HP and Eten also demonstrated operating system based on Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PC products. Microsoft Windows Mobile brand was launched in June this year, including for Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone operating system for mobile devices. Eye of the "2003 China International Communication Equipment and Technology Exhibition" in Beijing International Exhibition Center was officially opened. The show attracted participants from 21 countries and regions to participate in more than 400 well-known communication enterprises. As the largest supplier of communications software, AsiaInfo Technology Co., Ltd. the same hall with the operators of this year, close to the photo exhibition, and to "to protect Chinas telecom operators" as the theme image for the show to become a spectacle.

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