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Part No. : P89LPC932BA
Description : 80C51 8-bit microcontroller with two-clock core 8 KB 3 V low-power Flash with 512-byte data EEPROM
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Page Number : 51
Manufacturer : Philips Semiconductors
File Size : 292 Kb

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Memory part, the high-speed memory card using Infineon, composition 256MB/128bit, the default frequency of 600/1200MHz, this higher frequency than the public version of the 8500GT a lot better performance, performance. This card can be further expanded memory, the maximum capacity of up to 512MB, to meet the vista operating system and the needs of large scenes 3D games. Output, players battle match-PCX8528GT PRO graphics card uses the popular DVI + VGA + HDTV-OUT output mode to meet the different users. Editor Comments: Unika this 8500GT default 600/1200MHz frequency, compared to GDDR2 version of the 8500GT in performance to improve a grade; and also adjusted the price of graphics cards to 599 yuan price, is a good entry-level DirectX10 graphics card.

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