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11, type the command: config-register 0x2102. The order of the register of the original value and the value recorded in step 2 the same. 12, type Ctrl-z to exit configuration status and return to prompt: hostname #. 13, type the command: write mem. The configuration file. 14, exit privileged user status, turn off "Super Terminal" program. Disclaimer: The modified method is applicable to many types of Cisco routers. Such as: Cisco 1000, 2600, 3600, 4500, 4700, 6x00 ... .... I am in the Cisco 2600, 3600 series routers successfully used. Another alternative is a simple way to modify the above method of the first 4 steps. As follows: The following commands will initialize the flash file system, and finish loading
Ten, its telecommunications business operators provide free emergency telephone and other phone services, should be clearly marked in the range of free services when indicated. XI, in the event changes in telecommunications charges, telecommunications business operators shall timely notice. Telecommunications business operator shall keep records of changes to reference card. Second, the telecommunications business operator shall not charge any price tag has not been identified outside of the cost. XIII telecommunications business operator shall not use false or misleading content and price bid price gouging ways. Fourteen provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities according to the provisions of communications with the Board the actual local situation, the province, autonomous region, clearly the price of telecommunications services to specific provisions.

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