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VPN - Virtual Private Network is a private network such as the Internet on the public network expansion. VPN private tunnel through the public network simulation technology in a point to point line, so as to achieve the purpose of secure data transmission. Internet-based VPN, also known as IP-VPN. Simulation of a simple point to point connection, the data just after packaging, plus a header provides routing information on it. If you want to emulate a line, in order to ensure the security of data transmission, generally, the data is encrypted. VPN connection must contain both data encapsulation and encryption. With VPN, users at home or on the road can also use the Internet or other public network on the server for remote access. From the users point of view, VPN is the VPN client users computer and enterprise server that point to point connection between the VPN server, the data transmission line through a simulation, the user can not feel the actual existence of a public network, can do as In the same line on the internal information processing. In other words, a virtual private network is not a true private network, it can realize the function of the private network.
Early NF570 expensive product prices near thousand dollars, so many consumers are far behind, this time through the NF570 significant price adjustment on the motherboard itself and the Skylon broad audience, is 499 yuan Gamen GMNF57- 94E2P-N motherboard finally appeared cost-effective advantages, coveted Gamen GMNF57-94E2P-N motherboard "fans" who get this started, you "play an active role" in the procurement plan! Core 2 Duo processor since July 2006 has been released, with a good overclocking obtained DIY users. Core micro-architecture processor at all, either the high-end Q6000 series quad-core products, or entry-level Celeron 400 series of single-core products, based on good BIOS settings and cooling under the most stable operating frequency can be ensure 2.8GHz or even higher.

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