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According to the survey, female Internet users tend to think that women should have an independent life. They hold the view that women are the most important "economic independence", "has its own time and space" and "have their own circle of friends" and "men love." To independent, dependent slave, neutral three standard standards distinguish 12 kinds of women, the results showed that the respondents of the "women should be independent," the highest support rate, the ratio was 39.5%; than on the "slave attachment" support rate by 10 percentage points. Chip makers have released 0.045-micron process for the preparatory work for the chip. For example, Intel said it would launch end of next year as originally planned 0.045-micron technology chips. AMD has with New York state government entered into a non-binding agreement, it will invest 3.2 billion U.S. dollars in Saratoga Springs to build a chip manufacturing plant.
Intel Co., Ltd. Shen Rong, director of OEM Sales, said: "Moores Law has greatly improved on Intel-based computing platform performance, and always lead the trend of technological innovation. Intel Itanium 2 processor platform because of its excellent scalability and floating-point computing power for demanding enterprise and scientific applications tailored for computing research and education provides an ideal solution. We are glad to see this through, and as the wave of the leading server vendors, the more global An increasing number of enterprises and research institutions have deployed a large number of open standards-based Intel-based computer system to better cost performance and lower cost of ownership, access to significant performance improvements, so as to bring them superior advantage. "

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