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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Lin Hongpeng aware of the changing attitude to the customer, to proceed immediately to organize information. "Customer to provide information only to communicate our preliminary results, said they began to attach importance to the Chinese domain name. But what really convinced the Bank of customers, a lot of work needs to be done." Linhong Peng recalls. SurfControl Web Filter not only a simple URL filtering, but also by the bandwidth and time to block access to a category. For example, network administrators can restrict access to the shopping site, only 30 minutes a day, every day access to music download sites such as flow can not exceed 10 trillion, once limit is reached will block access to such sites. In addition to other categories, SurfControl Web Filter can also monitor file downloads, such as MP3, etc., and not allowed to download these files. You can also define who is allowed the same network protocols and so on.
Various types of IT solutions can work well together - LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager is standards-based tool with Avocent and other major manufacturers of the products are fully compatible, which means that, whether companies are now deployed or under the plan will deploy the type of technology and equipment, the manager is very easy to integrate with. IT solutions often lack the audit report or completed obedient sexual function - LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager to undertake a comprehensive audit, but also in some sectors of government and report writing required for the work easier. As an application of risk management company, the manager can not only complete product suite standard audit, but also has a very good report writing capabilities. LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager and other vendors with the Avocent solution is fully compatible, so the manager can help IT managers in the software and hardware IT assets in two categories throughout the life cycle of the implementation of the tracking and management, regardless of the assets within the network or the network. Manager This tool tracks the entire ecosystem of assets, planning and allocation of resources becomes more simple; Moreover, the process of around which the problem can be deployed, the network manager can also play a central role. LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager, one of the most critical component is LANDesk Process Manager, which helps IT managers create a stable, predictable IT processes, so that the basic routine maintenance automatically, thus saving time and IT human resources. The LANDesk solution, including an extended library of best practices, automated workflows diagrams, and a variety of reports, through real-time, automated asset tracking and control, the evolution from general systems management to a more extensive IT asset management higher category. This new package is more extensive Avocent Corporation core IT operations management is a key component. "In Gartner, we see a very effective IT asset management solution, it has become a complete IT Operations Management solution is a key component," Gartner Research Director Patricia Adams said the company, "With the cost of been cut, again and again to enhance transparency, IT Director, who need confirmation of their IT assets throughout their useful life cycle have been well managed, regardless of what assets are in place. Chief Information Officer are most concerned about is this point. "

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