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P6KE24A Datasheet | Comchip Technology
Part No. : P6KE24A
Description : 600w Transient Voltage Suppressor
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Comchip Technology
File Size : 107 Kb

P6KE24A Article About

Earlier involved in the field of education as a network of manufacturers, Digital network relying on a strong basis for independent research and development, the construction of the campus network characteristics of the application of cost control and established a clear lead: in the leading technology, the network is the Digital the first and only representative of next generation network technology standards through the second phase of IPv6 Gold Certified manufacturers, so far only four global adoption of the certification, and Digital Network is the only Chinese company, China-based IPv6 next-generation networks to achieve a "Made in China", with the world advanced level of synchronization of independent technology; leader of the program, its 3D-SMP solution for many users with advanced education and secure networking concept, 3D -SMP is the arrangement of the security policy to all corners of the network, access to authentication servers, intrusion detection systems, security log system, network firewall, and global security management system closely, indeed affect the whole body, inside and outside of the user to build a " solid, "the security environment.
Field of information security as the annual event, the conference not only brings together Cisco, Microsoft, Venus and many other well-known companies, and attracted participants from government, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, and various other industries Hundreds of security professionals people to discuss the current information security industry trends and technologies to market. Chief Engineer Product Management Centre Venus million of State said in his speech, the need to strengthen the deep defense against invasion, IPS is the best solution to achieve deep defense. The defense in depth to do well, IPS blocking level of precision is the key. That the IPS is a deep defense Venus, the pursuit of accurate blocking; IDS is a comprehensive testing, the pursuit of effective presentation, the two different deployment targets, is not the same direction.

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