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OPA4277PA Datasheet | Burr-Brown Corporation
Part No. : OPA4277PA
Description : High Precision OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Burr-Brown Corporation
File Size : 346 Kb

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Work process is as follows: A need to access the branch when the branch B, the first routing protocol to learn through the GRE tunnel interface to go out and the next hop is the B branch of the tunnel interface device IP address, then the branch A packet reaches the GRE tunnel? br> Lan Chung Chung mound  sense of shame eh Qin species  media will find NHRP, IPSEC method to determine the destination address of consultations initiated without consultation to find the next hop destination address corresponding to IPSEC, the branch A will initiate NHRP requests to the Headquarters, If you receive a response to the headquarters of the NHRP packet to obtain the corresponding public network IP, branch A will be in consultation with the public network IP IPSEC session, if the parties successfully negotiate IPSEC SA, the branch point A to B with a destination address for branch the public network IP, the source address for its own IP-encapsulated GRE packets and encrypted using IPSEC protocol are forwarded directly to the branch B, and not through the headquarters, and increase the burden on the headquarters of bandwidth.
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