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However, attacking people in these industries, far from criticizing monopoly of the telecommunications industry, more people. It was a paper about anti-trust, said the economic crisis of capitalism Lord dairy milk into the sea due to its monopoly behavior. "Dairy farmers would prefer to increase spare capacity is not willing to cut prices. And now our mobile communications company is the same can be said that every day, our mobile communications company in the milk poured into the sea." Regardless of whether or not to mention the milk into the sea is really caused by monopolies; the key is that the behavior of the mobile operators pricing is absolutely not the same thing. First of all, dairy farmers can choose whether to idle its production capacity, and building a network operator must be designed to meet the maximum usage, which makes the network are idle most of the time, rather than intentionally idle for interests to be considered; Second, operators have to minimize the idle, such as introduction of preferential tariffs and so on leisure. The so-called anti-trust or comments on important media, telecommunications proof misunderstood and suffered unfair treatment.
I am a bit reactionary, and may indeed people in the house before the reform and opening up small, but afford to live; fewer opportunities to college, but generally also on the exam go to school; As the citys service workers see a doctor more than a big problem. Why we hand more and more money, but why do not afford school fees of coverage, it can not afford housing? Hospitals, real estate developers, schools, the transition to obtain the people! Obtain more than their deposits and credit in the hands of the people! Result into a gangster extortion angels, the human soul into a greedy illegal fund raisers, the black heart of the real estate developers would have to become a demon, they must pay the price for these evil, Look!

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