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OPA340NA/250 Datasheet | Burr-Brown Corporation
Part No. : OPA340NA/250
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Page Number : 20
Manufacturer : Burr-Brown Corporation
File Size : 710 Kb

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Huawei, Symantec, that in 2010, in the storage area, with the Internet and multimedia applications, unstructured data than structured data is rapidly becoming mainstream, focusing on high-speed Internet applications, the rise of cloud computing, cloud storage has become important future growth; while also being a revolutionary storage medium changes, the magnetic media is being replaced as silicon media, SSD disk storage media will become the mainstream of the future. Huawei, Symantec will rapidly into the cloud storage and SSD market. In the security field, security threats from cyber threats alone applications and data to the evolution of demand secure routing integrated devices become hot, and the market structure is undergoing dramatic changes, network security, content security and endpoint security technology integration is the future of the security market direction of development, Huawei Symantec will leverage in these three areas of good genes, a series of rapid integration of products, build the future competitive advantage.
Adobe on Thursday released a beta version of the CinemaDNG file format, the hope to simplify the higher-end digital video processing, and improve quality. Adobe has released DNG files for photos, the company tried to standardize and encourage greater use. CinemaDNG is to use the technology to the movie. For the purposes of higher end cameras, DNG image sensor can record the raw data, without the post-camera processing. However, the disadvantage of using this document after the user had to view it first. CinemaDNG a similar principle, Adobe explained that, in many digital imaging workflow, the captured image is usually stored to the storage device before the hardware and software have been addressed before, these processes will break in the original movie, can not be restored. CinemaDNG can avoid this situation, direct sensor to capture the raw digital data, after storage professionals after the post-processing.

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