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Part No. : OPA132UA
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Burr-Brown Corporation
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OPA132UA Article About

Once upon a time a 999 operators switchboard phone will flash a special light, she will ask your name, address, and then the emergency line received the relevant Service. Receiving the emergency call at the local emergency services before, will fall to a call center there, the system will automatically check the callers address. If the caller is to use home phone or public phone to make calls, the system may well play a role, but if the caller is from a large companys internal telephone network play, then the call center system may be address error location. To this end, companies should follow the public network service providers request their telephone network to be configured.
Also like said before the meeting to brief the side of the report may be the writing on the side of the whiteboard drawing, very cumbersome; Today, most of the meeting of the company, are using Microsofts Power Point software to create slides, beautiful, convenient and save money , and through animation feature allows different content appears in batches in order to guide the listeners ideas. However, if lavish in the slide but no much sense to add complex animation, sound, and even in various fancy designs, but a waste of time, listening to people reporting a loss are also likely to be confused .

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