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2. Granularity of data processing: Some systems use a continuous processing method, and some system specific time intervals in the data within the batch operation, which involves dealing with the problem size. It has a certain relationship with the detection time, but they are not exactly the same, a system may be a long delay in the continuous data processing, real-time processing can also be a small amount of batch data. 3. Audit data sources: There are two main sources: the network data and host-based security log files. The latter includes the operating system kernel logs, application logs, logs and other network devices. 4. Intrusion detection response by: divided into active and passive response to response. Passive response-type system, alarm notification will be issued, will not occur normally report to the administrator, in itself does not try to reduce the damage, not to take the initiative to take retaliatory action against the attacker. Active response system can be divided into two categories:
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