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Part No. : MX29LV160BBTC-70
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Page Number : 63
Manufacturer : Macronix International
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2009 is past, the 2010 space information is to us to marvel once again hard to say, but adhering to the advanced concepts, fully study the user, the intention to do products, do service, so no doubt the attitude of doing so, the results let us look forward to it . For a professional music player software, it not only to do a flood of music resources, need to play with professional sound quality, the only way to satisfy the growing taste for music enthusiasts demand. Of course the 2010 version of two cool dogs can do music, but as a software enthusiast, it will not be satisfied with the current playback and soon had friends found a "magic" to enable the dog to stand out of the cool music software Play sound quality was re-raise, I will come to share the following about the magic bullet for everyone.
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