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RAmos Q13 body size of 90 40 6.5mm, weight 37g. It is manufactured using imported high-grade aluminum casing, good tensile, surface fine. Shell thickness of only 0.5mm, and requires the use of the latest processing equipment and advanced design software, under the operation in top technicians in order to make. Q13 stretching technology require multiple compression to achieve the accuracy of the initial requirements, as well, such as trimming and surface process requires a variety of high light fixture to ensure the product surface tolerances. This from a digital manufacturers Changhong was informed, has recently introduced a colorful beautiful about the shell MP3 - MF752. This product uses a unique invisible screen design, the effective integration of housing with the display, with a pretty blue, pretty pink, a pretty white and other colors, light and tiny figure, the overall elegant, simple yet Smart , exudes a sense of the mysterious charm of early autumn.
Corner labeled product packaging marked as a 4200 + model, interface type is Socket AM2, clocked at 2.2GHz, the cache organization model 640KB +640 KB, and 90-nanometer versions of exactly the same as nano. Products from Avnet agency, more secure quality, power consumption, the same as the 65W. Product OPN code ADO4200DDBOX, checksum encoded as W055361I71184. Product clocked at 2.2GHz, FSB 200MHz, multiplier 11 to support the 1000MHz HT bus. Because it is dual-core design, each core has 128KB of L1 a separate cache, 512KB of L2 secondary cache. Product operating voltage 1.25V, power consumption of 65W, support for MMX, 3DNOW! +, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, and X86-64 instruction set. Product ID is "ADO4200IAA5DD", which is expressed as 65W power ADO4200 Desktop dual-core 4200 + processor; "I" on behalf of products using AM2 Interface, "AA" on behalf of product support "Cool and Quiet" technology, with automatic temperature and power consumption regulation, "5" represents the class with 1MB L2 cache, "DD", said by Brisbane core. Package for Malaysia, the origin is Germany.

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