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Part No. : MX29LV040QC-70
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Manufacturer : Macronix International
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Step two: Create a filter for the policy. Right-click "IP Security Policies on Local Computer" in the menu, select "Manage IP filter lists and filter actions", switch to the "Manage IP Filter Lists" tab, click the "Add", the pop-up " IP Filter List "dialog box, in the" Name "input box, enter" Terminal Services ", click" Add "and enter" IP Filter Wizard "window, click" Next "in the" Source Address "drop-down list box select "a specific IP address" and enter the clients IP address and subnet mask, such as "". Click "Next" after the "target address" drop-down list box, select "My IP address", click "Next", then in the "Select a protocol type" select "TCP" protocol, click the "Next" Then select the port in the agreement "from any port, this port" in the input box enter "3389", click "Next" to complete the creation of the filter. Third step: Create a stop operation. Switch to the "Filter Action" tab, click the "Add" button and enter the "IP Security Filter Action Wizard", click "Next", a name for this operation, such as "stop", click "Next" , then set the "filter action behavior", select "stop" single-option, click "Next" to complete "IP Security Filter Action" Add work.
The new generation of DirectX10 GPU call the game to maximize all the resources, coupled with GPU itself has more pipelines, so game developers can be handled in the same screen for more objects, background of the game have changed the world true together. A lot of friends playing some large-scale 3D game, may all have this feeling that the performance of the trees in the scene or character key hair, the games frame rate will drop dramatically! That is why? Because independent rendering of trees or by a substantial amount of hair form of polygons, the vertices on the GPU rendering the harsh demands put forward, this way is a large-scale pixel and vertex module is in idle state overwhelmed - at the moment is unity rendering architecture, when fully displayed their prowess, if we can be idle to handle peak pixel elements, the games speed will be greatly improved.

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