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Part No. : MX29F040QC-70
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Page Number : 39
Manufacturer : Macronix International
File Size : 872 Kb

MX29F040QC-70 Article About

VX868 in the hardware configuration is also extremely well, thanks to strong performance Rockchip RK2608A main chip, this new product it supports XVID encoded AVI files, and FLV formats, frame rate up to 24 frames / S, appear to be more quality players is smooth; support MP3, WMA music playback in multiple formats, support for FLAC and APE lossless compressed audio formats, high-speed USB 2.0 interface, dual-threaded tasks, LRC lyrics support, picture browsing, text reading, high-definition audio, 8 EQ sound , FM and other basic functions. Game features are greatly enhanced playability to product. See more information and dealer address: http://www.onda.cn/china/move/mp3/index.html product questions, please call the hotline around Onda: Guangzhou, Beijing, Onda Central Northeast Northwest or visit the official website , Onda online store for the latest product situation. Today, the Blue Devils Q13 in the Zhongguancun digital stores beginning part of the counter cheap promotions. 4GB capacity limit of only 399 special, cost-effective once again improved significantly. This MP3 player of friends interested can go to the Ding Hao Electronics City, 4378 # look at Tel :010 -82696649.
In today do not advocate a completely open frequency adjustment era, Black Edition AM2 Dual-Core 5000 + processor to be the first to say "no" products. Black Edition AM2 Dual-Core 5000 + processor, meaning not just market a good overclocking, I believe that one of its players can provide more overclocking professional DIY solution, and second, to narrow the general and professional overclockers from overclockers , of course, can also promote the positive significance of overclocking off. With the growing living standards improved to meet higher demand by overclocking the user has less and less. But more and more users are to complete the upgrade by buying new and do not realize this will lead to larger waste. Black Edition AM2 Dual-Core 5000 + processor to upgrade the listing of the blind played a certain extent, also reflects the fool overclocking more humane care.

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