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Board uses a four-phase power design, equipped with a closed-end inductance and a large number of solid capacitors. The mainboard provides two DIMM memory slots, supports single channel DDR2 667 specifications, up to 4GB. The mainboard provides 4 SATA interface, support RAID mode. GF7050 motherboard integrated graphics core of high quality to meet the daily needs of consumers. It also provides a PCI-E x16 graphics slot for easy expansion. 88E8056 integrated network chip board, providing PCIE Gigabit LAN support. In addition, with the ALC883 audio chip provides 8-channel HD audio output. The mainboard provides 4 USB ports and an eSATA interface. The integrated graphics core, thus providing a VGA device interface. Onboard network interface and audio output. Edit Comment: Colorful Colorful C.N73V smart board under the board series, support the good overclocking energy absorption, the current 499 yuan MCP73 product launch is the minimum price the market. Most consumers are now buying the machine are also very cool. I believe this product will be their favorite.

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