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Part No. : MT9172AE
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Manufacturer : Zarlink Semiconductor Inc
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Huojin Jie, vice president of IDC Asia-Pacific President pointed out that the 2009 crisis, people have to develop and implement prevention programs, trying to reduce costs and improve profitability. In 2010-2011, we will be more attention to production and management, and entrepreneurial spirit to grow and become the key to good cash flow. "Anti-innovation" into the outlook of people, it originally refers to a non-traditional and innovative ways, namely: the development of emerging economies will be low-priced products into the markets of developed countries. The "anti-innovation" concept is contained in the deep challenge the existing processes, to promote the business outside of the existing business models to explore new models. In the era of customer capital, the impact of customers quickly and radically changing the ICT vendors and suppliers of business models. B2B or B2C customers, whether customers who are driving the ICT vendors and suppliers in their respective re-thinking business and market environment to carry out innovation.
Canon FAX-JX201 using inkjet technology to more clearly receive fax documents eye-catching, easy to read. Also, because it does not like the ribbon printing method that would leave marks, so more privacy. G3 technology, the use of a PG-40 or PG-50 for supplies. Canon FAX-JX201 support the display of the caller name and phone / fax numbers, a clear identification of each others identity, so control it well; speed dial, group dial, one or a few keys to direct dial fax / phone numbers, making the work easy and efficient; 100 large capacity tray, handle daily fax required, eliminating frequent trouble for the paper; built-in image storage and to ensure that no paper out of paper when receiving a fax, up to about 60; integrated high quality copy function, the largest up to 99 continuous copying options, enough to meet the family and the needs of small businesses annoying daily file copy.

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