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MT9080BP Datasheet | Mitel Networks Corporation
Part No. : MT9080BP
Description : CMOS SMX - Switch Matrix Module
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Page Number : 25
Manufacturer : Mitel Networks Corporation
File Size : 125 Kb

MT9080BP Article About

ASUS M2N32 WS Professiona using nForce 590 SLI for AMD Edition, which is a nForce 500 series were the only two chips of the chipset, north bridge chip C51XE, Southbridge was MCP55PXE. Socket AM2 processor integrates the memory controller, so C51XE Northbridge provides functionality is fairly simple, just be responsible for providing a PCIe x16 bus and the HyperTransport channel connected with the CPU and South Bridge, C51XE major role at this time with the South Bridge MCP55PXE together to provide PCIe x16 + PCIe x16 mode, double "X16" mode provides a powerful bandwidth performance in the DCC area, especially outstanding.
Unika use fire whirl 8028XT X800XT GPU card, based on 130nm process technology, native support for AGP interface, do not have to worry about heat for the bridge chip, built-in 16 pipelines, the default frequency is 400MHz, support SmartShader HD, Smothvision HD, HyperZ such as HD and 3Dc 3D processing technology to improve the efficiency of the core rendering pipeline. Workmanship, Unika fire whirlwind 8028XT with full-size red PCB, magnetic levitation fan with a large hollow area to meet the X800XT core cooling requirements. Power supply, the card uses three-phase power design, selected materials using electrolytic capacitors and inductors with 1ROM 2R2M inductor, coupled with external 6Pin power connector, AGP slot due to insufficient power supply reduction caused by compatibility issues.

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