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Part No. : MT48LC4M32B2TG-7IT
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
File Size : 74 Kb

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After the introduction, Mr. Chen Donggen also the venue of China Telecoms 3G network through a live demonstration conducted by video conference system, here the guests and far in Beijing, Singapore, Kodak employees to achieve a "face to face" communication, clear image , smooth voice to the people left a deep impression. Information technology to promote industrialization of the "integration of the two" is a response to competition in the global technology economy and enhance competitiveness of the national strategic choice and the transformation of economic growth, enhance the independent innovation capacity, an important means of energy conservation. Homemade video communications as a business development database for 10 years, faced many problems and difficulties: such as industrial common technology; service passing the buck; product is compatible too many foreign brands, but not with other well-made hardware and software products compatible Adaptation; industry environment is not perfect; the market level is not high. NPC general manager Ren Yongjie Jincang admits, "Congress made a payment warehouse database for 10 years, doing very difficult, but there are lot of progress, with a number of practical applications." Meanwhile, he also said that "increased marketing efforts to enhance the brand influence, is made to do another database vendor core subjects. "database can not blindly rely on domestic government support, when the greenhouse flowers, the database can withstand the test of long-term market to do so.
According to blog post, Firefox 3.0.13 users will be notified and invited to download the latest 3.5.2 version. Firefox 3.5.2 supports Windows, Mac and Linux. Users can choose update, later to remind, or completely shut down, but do not expect the last option will prompt never appears. From January onwards, Firefox 3.0.x will cease to receive the stability and security updates, so a further reminder inevitable. Mozilla claims that the performance of version 3.5 upgrade, and provide a variety of features that make Firefox a more appropriate implementation of network applications platform. However, there are obstacles to urge users to upgrade, in addition to outside users troublesome, Firefox extensions can not normally be moved to the new browser to use. But Mozilla said more than 90% of all Firefox add-ons compatible with Firefox 3.5. At the same time, Mozilla application developers working on the preparation of Firefox 3.6, the current code name Namoroka.

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