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Part No. : MT48LC2M32B2P-7IT
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
File Size : 74 Kb

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1, the advanced nature and reality of the budget, the so-called budget is advanced, enterprise performance indicators than it is now high, the cost targets than it is now. Reality it refers to not deviate from the actual budget, through the efforts of staff, budget targets to be achieved. Only if it is advanced and realistic business budget is the budget for science. APC Back-UPS Pro series of products have a variety of models, can provide 6-10 jack, and 92-164 minutes of backup run time. Various models are equipped with electricity outlets to reduce the power consumption of connected devices. With this feature, cut off the unused power of the downstream device, can significantly reduce energy consumption and the use of cost, the average annual savings of about electricity UPS RMB 350. In the application, monitor, printer, speakers, peripherals and other non-critical data will be connected to the subsidiary outlet, when the computer is not connected to the mains socket, or into hibernation or sleep mode will automatically turn off the subsidiary power outlet.
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