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Despite the popularity of the Internet, the upgrading of network equipment also makes people blinking, IT products have become the backbone of the national product. But compared to the appliance, automotive and other service industries, IT industry, the service is always poor. While many vendors have introduced similar "gold service" concept, but a good idea because of the human factor into the drain. Recently, the major domestic manufacturers of network equipment UTT technology proposed a "zero-distance network services" concept, this argument is familiar because it is very practical, very effective and popular attention. Currently most of the IT services market, both through the customer service hotline, encounter problems, call "800 ******", engineers carry tools door. But it is worth noting that engineers come from the call to take time. During this time, at least 1,2 hours, as much to hard to say. Sometimes, it is precisely this time, the work to the user a huge loss. UTT technology in the "zero distance network services", in addition to phone call 4006-781-781, also can ask the user can use the network to find the nearest contact, no matter what kind of contact, UTT is not preferred "quick to send staff to, "but" rushed to find the root of the problem "to solve the line or on the network. Obviously, this approach to meet from time to maximize
Using JavaFX Script applications written in the Java Runtime Environment to run. Green said, and, like Adobes Apollo, developers can use the same tools to write Web browser-based applications or cross-platform desktop software. Although the installation is very large, different differences between the Java ME implementation caused compatibility problems. JavaFX Mobile for mobile operators and manufacturers, to reduce these differences, provide a range of common tasks for mobile phone applications. Stephen said the introduction of scripting languages and Java does not allow the people to give up Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaFX Script is already in use mainly Java developers attractive. Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker has accepted the interview, said, Firefox browser into the mobile phone and portable device market. This is the second in March Microsoft released the preview version of Deepfish and Mozilla Minimo 0.2 release has been announced into the phone market, the third major browser vendors. However, both Firefox or Microsoft have not decided to enter the market plan of action.

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