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MM5453N Datasheet | National Semiconductor
Part No. : MM5453N
Description : Liquid Crystal Display Drivers
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
File Size : 191 Kb

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PCI bus slots on the motherboard is still the most basic interface. Which is based on 32-bit data bus can be extended to 64 bits, and its operating frequency is 33MHz/66MHz. Per second data transfer rate of 132MB. PCI Interface Card is still current home consumer market is absolutely mainstream. PCI-X is an extension of PCI bus architecture, which is different with the PCI bus, PCI bus, the target must be frequent exchange of data between devices and the bus, and PCI-X target device is allowed only a single PCI-X devices look has been exchanged, at the same time, if the PCI-X device does not have any data transfer, the bus will automatically remove the PCI-X devices to reduce the waiting period between PCI devices. So, at the same frequency, PCI-X will provide 14-35% higher than the performance of PCI. Currently the server is frequently used in such interface card NIC.

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