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Part No. : MJE802
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor
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MJE802 Article About

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Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the latest series of i.MX applications processor, a large number of industrial applications and car infotainment applications connectivity, touch control, security and cost savings of integrated performance to a new level. Series based on ARM9TM core is Freescales i.MX25 applications processor line, which integrates the LCD screen and touch screen controller, DDR2 memory support, controller area network, Ethernet and USB connectivity, such a high level on-chip integration will minimize the need for additional discrete components and reduces board space, and ultimately reduce development and product costs. Low-power i.MX25 product portfolio includes 5 products. i.MX258 third-party industrial devices for the industrial safety market. The processor with on-chip security engine for secure product development is ideal. If a device just to run its own bar code software, security engine that is very important. When the device is detected as a threat occurs, specific tamper detection circuit can quickly wipe away the above confidential information. i.MX258 processor, security and connectivity, can provide stable and cost-effective solution, ideal for point of sale terminal system.

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