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In the vendor rankings, Neusoft, HiSoft, occupy the top three in the telecommunications software. Top ten offshore outsourcing software vendor market share and only 19.2%, although the previous quarter rose 0.2%, but market concentration is still low. Down an important reason for the telecommunications industry as an important application of the middleware industry, the demand down. Because the operators in the 3G license issuance BOSS system before upgrading the sidelines, resulting in sluggish demand for middleware. Vertical changes in market share from the middleware point of view, the telecom industry was significantly decreased in the quarter. Competition from the manufacturers point of view, remain with the BEA, IBM, East through three companies occupy the top three, and occupy 67.5% of total market share. Domestic middleware vendors, TongTech still holds the position of first place. Kingdee Apusic pricing strategy by developing a strong channel in the middleware market segment - the application server market share rapidly.
* Maxtor Corporation: MatrikonOPC interfaces to support the original data from third-party systems and building automation equipment, I get the new version of ITM Software.  OSIsoft Company: ITM in the software take full advantage of the advantages of the new version of the case, OSIsoft PI System and library contains more than 480 interfaces can provide users with real-time enterprise data centers, high-fidelity view of historical data, can run the data control system integration into a single view, multi-vendor independent system can be connected to allow customers to capture and analyze data centers and building automation system data.

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