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MC9S12A64CFUE Datasheet | Freescale Semiconductor, Inc
Part No. : MC9S12A64CFUE
Description : Microcontrollers
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Page Number : 316
Manufacturer : Freescale Semiconductor, Inc
File Size : 1450 Kb

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Dealer sales department to determine the information and advance the situation, the order became effective orders. Once you become an effective order, the system will automatically generate orders report set out the various parts after the Order split to form a bill of materials, sheet metal with a long, a few locks, and so few hands, the system will automatically break out of order bill of materials, transfer to the centralized purchasing department. Maxims five plants are similar in many materials, and even the same, through a unified platform to achieve cross-plant procurement arrangements for procurement of materials for a unified company, significant cost savings. In the U.S. there was an estimate within the heart, this part of the cost savings a year, enough to build several information system expenses. In addition, you can reduce inventory, improve dealer and end customer satisfaction, to achieve the centralized procurement and collaboration. "In the past procurement is estimated based on production to human experience, keep the goods in order to protect the purchasing department is stocking as much as possible. The UF system can automatically calculate the U9 type of material, quantity, in addition to providing time to prepare materials, procurement departments the system is given time to stocking. "He Yunfen think: This greatly reduces the early stocking, inventory caused problems. "In this contribution that, U9 system to help Maxim completed at least 10% of the inventory reduction."
New DLP-410A power supply is still using the original packaging, but this product in the specification has been able to support the latest 2.3 version of the specification, I believe that the next batch of product packaging will be replaced or the obvious mark. New DLP-410A Power in appearance, and no fancy design, which is mainly the civilian population level and product positioning related. ATX12V 2.3 version is vista intel video card in order to meet increased power consumption, while the status of the processor power consumption while reducing the release of new specifications, including the following power levels of 300W are single +12 V. This shows that this power supply rated at 300W or less, but enough to meet the mainstream dual-core platform. New DLP-410A power supply using a 12cm silent fan, mute the effect is very good. Power supply design with a honeycomb vents to ensure good heat dissipation. Although the new DLP-410A Power to provide the interface is not a lot, but basic enough for ordinary users, but this power is also based on the current needs of mainstream provided a 6pin, 8pin, SATA power supply, and other interfaces.

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