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Part No. : MC88PL117FNR2
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 546 Kb

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Overclocking the three South China Sea to support Intel and AMD heatsink mainstream platform, in addition to the specific size of this radiator 126X75X150, weighing 590 grams. Very intensive heat sink to ensure a good thermal performance, all-copper heat pipe materials can quickly absorb heat from CPU. Overclocking with three South China Sea, the radiator fan has the effect of glare, the runtime will be issued a blue light. The fans rated speed of 1200 to 2200RPM  10%, the user can freely between silent and cooling effect of choice. Overclocking with three South China Sea and other top radiator radiator the same level of design, significantly reducing power consumption in processors today, the lighter and more efficient heat sink gradually into the mainstream, the South China Sea is one such product, excellent performance and reasonable layout, and demolition installation is very easy to use for enthusiasts and home pc.

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