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Reputation-based system, the nodes observe the behavior of other nodes to take measures accordingly, or the reward collaborative behavior, or punish non-cooperative behavior. Node can use the "watchdog" to detect whether other nodes to forward packets to avoid routing the malicious acts; the same time the source node using the "explore the way people" [33] to select the most reliable route to send packets. Another dynamic AdHoc network nodes called collaboration [34] the credibility of the system can prevent denial of service attacks. If a neighbor node does not forward packets, it will be considered non-cooperation, its credibility will be broadcast in the network. Cooperative credit system system [35] provides 3 different credit amount: the amount of subjective reputation, indirect reputation capacity and credibility of the content. The credibility of the amount of use of this 3 to determine whether the weighted value of the collaboration, while avoiding the attacks of malicious nodes. The credibility of the Security objective incentive [36] strategy is to refuse to forward the target behavior, using a similar mechanism for the watchdog to monitor and maintain the credibility of the information system is the node forwarding the packet and send the ratio of the number of packets.
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