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Part No. : MC7815BTG
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Page Number : 32
Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor
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It is understood that, as Wuhan University "search engine" research projects main server, FUJITSU SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with the largest support 8CPU/32 SPARC 64VII core processor, its powerful multi-threaded multi-core processing technology to ensure high reliability of the server and high performance to be able to calmly deal with the search engine project, Wuhan University computing needs. Background in the search engines shoulder the heavy responsibility of data storage and retrieval ETERNUS DX440 is sufficient to meet the high reliability customers demand for energy-efficient solutions, providing customers with capacity scalability, availability, data mobility and data storage security solution. In addition, ETERNUS DX440 offers such as block protection and advanced data copying and mirroring, as well as 128-bit AES encryption and other local features, fundamentally to ensure data security.
Third, the ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 motherboard, four-phase power supply for only 595 yuan to ensure Conroe CPU running smoothly! ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 motherboard uses Intel P31/G31 + ICH7R the north and south bridge design, motherboards support 1333MHz front side bus, and supports 4 core Kentsfield processor. While the four-phase power motherboard design to ensure stability when overclocking the processor! Motherboards 1333MHz front side bus, can be directly on the FSB 1333MHz CPU. B, support for ATI? CrossFire? CrossFire technology support ATI? CrossFire? CrossFire! The mainboard provides one PCI Express x 16 slot, and AGI Express slot that can support a second PCI Express x 16 graphics. In todays dual channel memory, dual-graphics Crossfire superimposed effects, the overall system performance to provide more opportunities!

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