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Part No. : MC74VHC1G32DFT2G
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Page Number : 222
Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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To illustrate the above discussion is the need for concerted IDS, while all other security tools need collaboration, these tools and equipment to work well in front of perhaps how to protect the security of information systems on an answer. We can all work together as a whole tool or equipment, security tools, as this system is called the integrated IDS or any other name is no longer important, the key is that it can ensure that we have relative security of information sex. NIDS received from the network through packet analysis to detect and identify unauthorized system or anomalies. 1.1.1 Exchange Network HUB can be shared as network monitoring, will bring great threat to network security, and therefore now the network, especially in high-speed network switches are used basically to listen to the NIDS network trouble.
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