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Part No. : MC74VHC1G08DFT2G
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Manufacturer : Motorola, Inc
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"Motorola is committed to providing comprehensive, end to end portfolio of services, applications and seamless mobility solutions to help operators to increase ARPU. We have extensive expertise, professional talent and continuous technological innovation, and with global co-operators around the experience and would like to take to help Chinas telecom operators in the rapidly growing telecom market success. "Motorola China Home & Networks Mobility Division is responsible for general manager Wu Daguang services, said:" We Zhongshan, Guangdong branch of China Mobiles cooperation can not only promote innovation and user behavior analysis, but also will further close the users needs. "" discover, find customer segments and market demand for mobile communications services is the only way to achieve excellence. "China Mobile Guangdong Zhongshan, Hu Wei, general manager, said:" Today, the network officially announced the launch of the project will enable us to better the Nuggets to find new customers and new business, a better understanding of user behavior and perception, to the vast number of mobile users a more practical, more personal products and services. The project will be the technical services in the market, achieving a typical case of pull technology. "
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